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Updated: Jul 20, 2022

What is transformer oil filtration?

Transformer oil purification process to remove from the oil dissolved sludge Transformer oil to some extent improves most often based on mineral oil with different growing in. engineering or environmental popularity.



B.Solid Rubber Tyre


D.Pneumatic automobile Tyre.


A.Double Stage

B.Single Stage

C.Three Stage


250 LPH to 24000 LPH


A.Digital Pirani Gauge

B.Online Particle Counter with Printer

C.Control Panel and automation & PLC and HMI

D.Online Moisture Content Measurement Meter

E.Temperature and PPM, Print Out for Vacuum

F.Auto Stop after the achievement of PPM, Auto valve operation

Transformer Oil Procedure Purification

Transformer life depends on the quality of oil volume resulting from the transformer Regular transformer oil filtration Transformer oil purification process to remove sludge A good oil purification system is able to deliver filtered oil standard specification.

Transformer oil filtration process sludge purification moisture removal and gas removal.

There are two methods have been used to remove sludge

A.Removal of sludge by centrifuging action

B. Removal of sludge by filter candles.

A. Removal sludge by centrifuging action.

Transformer oil centrifuging is a different technology impact improves the oil parameters transformer oil can be slow-speed type additional electric motor to spin the centrifuge at high speed. The advantage of the centrifuge's cost of changing filter elements is saved Power-driven centrifuges Manufacturers of power-driven levels less than 5 ppm.

Removal of sludge by filter candles.

A. transformer oil using the depth type filter.

B. Filtration using the classical edge filters

Both are methods of filtration prevalent and owe certain advantages and disadvantages.

The edge type filters system four times, however, cleaning and fitting of time and human effort. These cartridges similar to those of the water filter purification range from 500 microns to 0.5 microns in size.

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