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A Deaerator is equipment that eliminates the gases and moisture from semi-fluids, fluids. Deaerators are ordinarily used to eliminate oxygen, caught air bubbles and disintegrated gases in oil. The air pockets and gases in oil will make genuine harm the quality and life of Grease. Deaerator is utilized in Grease Manufacturing Plant fiercely.


The air (or gas) removed from the material exits the system through the vacuum pumps discharge or exhaust.

During operation, the chamber is under a high vacuum and the disc is rotating. Drawn in by the vacuum, the aerated material passes through the feed assembly and the Spreader Ring creates a thin film of material on the disc’s interior surface. The rotation of the Disc centrifuges the thin film of material across its interior surface while the vacuum draws off the entrapped air or gas.

The de-aerated material is pumped up the Scoop Tube assembly from the inside edge of the Disc and leaves the chamber.The Chamber does not fill the material stays within the Disc.


  • Removes the trapped air and bibble inside the grease or jelly product

  • Efficient mixing, homogenizing the grease.

  • Removal of moisture or distillation of residuals under certain conditions.



  • Heat sensitive and shear sensitive products can be processed.

  • The design allows all of the processed material to be exposed in a thin film to high vacuum.

  • Continuous operation (no timed cycle) and can be installed in-line or used for batch processing.

  • Additional pumps for feed and discharge are not necessary for most installations. The material can be discharged from the vacuum chamber by operating design.

  • Few spare parts subject to wear and easy access to interior parts for inspection and cleaning.

  • Minimal product loss during operation.

  • On-line milling, emulsifying homogenous mixing, and de-aeration of product.

  • Smooth texture and glossy appearance of the product.

  • Chemically stable product.

  • Increased shelf life.

  • The denser product resulting in precise packing.

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