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Although Linus projects lube oil blending plant cost in India is very competitive but in a wide range of Turnkey projects Linus projects(India) offers complete Cooking gas (LPG) cylinder manufacturing plant on a Turnkey basis including front end engineering, Back end engineering and EPC contract.


Process of Manufacture:

The LPG cylinders are manufactured as per the BIS specification number 4093-1967 with necessary amendment.

To manufacture LPG cylinders first sheet is cut to size on cutting machine to make blanks. These blanks are now deep drawn on deep drawing power press to two halves of the cylinder.

Other parts such as foot ring, backing strip, top ring and turned components are manufactured separately.

Now both the halves are joined with a backing strip prior to their welding.

After welding complete cylinder undergo stress relieving normalizing process in suitable heat treatment furnaces.

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