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Linus Projects manufactures top quality and well design lubricant blender to blend high quality viscous liquid, base oil with additives, engine oil, Gear oil and industrial oil etc. Blender consists of vertical shape mixing vessel along-with drive system and agitator.

Reliability and consistency in quality are the cornerstones of our business. We help our customers keep their promises by providing premium service and top-quality blender worldwide. Lubricant Blenders are used in Lube oil Blending Plants.

Blender capacity fabricated out of Mild Steel IS 2062 material having open top and partial dished bottom. The blender is provided with a top Lid which is hinged to the main blender. A ball valve is fitted at the bottom for discharge along with a sample valve. An MS Jacket is welded around the main blender complete with inlet, outlet, drain & vent fittings. The blender is mounted on load cell for automation and PLC operation. The vessels are provided with temp probe with all necessary fittings.


The drive consists of electric motor coupled to a heavy-duty gearbox by couplings. The output shaft of the gearbox is coupled to a stool housing complete with bearings, oil seals and gland packings.


The entire drive assembly is mounted on a sturdy frame structure. The top cover is of flat hinged type and bolted to the main shell. Top fittings are provided for charging of base oils, recirculation and one manhole cover for charging of solids.

Shell jacket provided to maintain cooling system.

The kettle is suitable for withstanding a temperature of 200˚C. The Kettle is duly insulated with rock wool and cladded with GI sheets.

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