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Lube Oil Blending Plant (LOBP) business has to face many challenges highly competitive market and consistent product quality with reduced cost of production. New Innovation and efficiency in automotive and industrial sectors has even reduced the use of lubricants oils.

Competitive price is of primary importance, especially for the automotive sector and industrial lube oil sector. Ability to manufacture and delivery consistent quantity is prime requirement and daily challenge of every modern Lube Oil Blending Plant (LOBP). In this scenario, only an optimized Lube Oil Blending Plant design can make sure supplier profitability and customers satisfaction.

LINUS PROJECTS (INDIA) fully understands the complexity of running lube oil or greases manufacturing plant and in particular knows how to achieve maximum production at minimum cost by Automatic batch blending system (ABB). We have developed dedicated process engineering and solutions for Grease and Lube oil manufacturers, including construction, design and commissioning of automated production plants. Which increase your Lube Oil Blending Plant (LOBP) efficiency and productivity.

Automatic Batch Blending (ABB) unit provides a competent and up-to-date technology to blend Lube oil in a range (3 to 30m³) / batch.

ABB unit is basically made of four modules:

1. An Additive dosing and base oil blending vessel which is equipped with heating coils.

2. The specially designed mixing system (Agitator, dispersing mixer)

3. Load Cells

4. Dosing header.

The blending vessel can be heated with steam or hot oil to heat up the content of the blending vessel with external heating. With the option of using either steam or hot oil, the blending vessel can be externally heated to raise the temperature of its contents.

By employing systems like double jackets or welded half pipe coils, the heating system can be divided into multiple zones, enabling precise temperature control and minimizing heat transfer to the uncovered vessel wall, thereby ensuring superior quality for your lubricants. To reduce contamination within the blending vessel, a conical bottom and an efficient spray nozzle system are utilized to thoroughly flush the vessel after each batch blending.

LINUS PROJECTS (INDIA) offers a comprehensive solution for Automatic Batch Blending System (ABB) lube oil blending plants. The solution encompasses engineering design, lube oil storage tanks, polymer diluter, lube oil blenders, an advanced automation system featuring Smartblend Software, DDU (Dilution Dispensing Unit), transfer pumps, TFH (Thermic Fluid Heater), filters, laboratory setup, and professional installation services. We impart technical knowledge and proper training to plant operators.

The Automatic Batch Blending System (ABB) offers numerous benefits for lubricant blending plants:

1. Enhanced Product Quality: Utilizing computerized technology ensures consistent product quality.

2. Compliance: ABB facilitates ISO 9002 and ISO 14000 compliance.

3. Optimum Production: The system optimizes production quality with excellent dosing accuracy and repeatability.

4. Process Flexibility: ABB enables meeting just-in-time requirements and offers process flexibility.

5. Waste Minimization: ABB helps minimize waste generation, reducing environmental impact.

6. Lower Maintenance Costs: The system lowers maintenance expenses and is designed specifically for unit requirements.

7. Improved Profitability: ABB enhances plant profitability through efficient operations.

8. Reduced Manpower Costs: Semi-skilled labor can efficiently run the plant, lowering manpower expenses.

9. No Re-blending: ABB eliminates the need for re-blending, saving time and resources.

10. Accurate Management Budgeting: The system allows for accurate planning of grades and production volumes before real-time processing.

LINUS PROJECTS (INDIA) specializes in upgrading existing lubricant blending plants with ABB technology. By replacing existing blending kettles with custom-designed and computerized skid-mounted units, the capital investment for upgrading can be recovered quickly. ABB reduces manpower, additive usage, and provides greater flexibility.

The implementation of computerized technology has revolutionized lubricant blending processes, ensuring consistent product quality and tight control of additives, crucial for long-term survival in the competitive market. The system's accuracy minimizes re-blending and laboratory costs, maximizing blend vessel utilization.

Automatic transfer of additives and base oils under computer control streamlines the blend process, minimizing labor costs. Rapid blending is achieved with fewer blend vessels, optimizing their utilization.

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