Updated: Jul 21

Before writing this article, I was imaging this will be a short break for all major industry, it seems to be a prolonged period of all time, where human is still unable to find the right cure for the speedy pandemic COVID19,

As for now EPC engineering sector it’s a big break because many major projects are been slowed down either they have halted or complete shut down. This was released as demonstrating news for the oil and gas industry and petrochemical sectors.

The manufacturing sector in US and India head face major challenges in the manufacturing sector of steel base process equipment, wherein India Steel price is raised high due to slow demand and less supply with few availabilities of manpower the resulting cost is the project estimation has gone beyond the calculation where projects been halted due to non-permits to imported process equipment.

As shipping industries export-import were halted because of COVID-19 in some major countries, The major cause of the slowdown in the engineering sector and oil n gas is the global load demand of petroleum consumption from civilians and industries. It is a major impact on the drop value of Oil Gas in WTI and the WTO sector.

Linus Projects is still working on finishing the ongoing and old projects and we are expecting there will be a few projects coming in the African region and in the Persian belt more often the oil recycling sector will be going in the new boom because of less demand market will shift to the less complicated and expansive source of raw martial.

Linus Projects will take necessary safety precautions against spreading infection we are using all necessary safety prudence issued by WHO circular or take industrial HSE consultant and contact the local industrial authority in our my workshop and in our office this rule will be regulated by another third party inspector which will ensure the safety of workers and manpower we should bring the confidence in the industry to work safely close with WHO circulars all in house and outbound team working with all COVID19 safety gears including N95 mask, gloves, chemicals with screening kits.

In the post-lock-down, there will be many issues faced by Industries.

Lack of skilled & normal laborers.

2. Re-initiating the machinery that is idle for more than 2 months.

3. Restructuring the production processes depending upon available resources.

4. Cleaning and decreasing the machinery, bearings, floors, conveyors, and many other areas, for a proper restart.

5. Descaling of refrigeration systems. (Not limiting to Industrial but also to Offices, IT Hubs, Malls.. etc where centralized AC Systems are implemented)

6. Overhauling of Air compressors that are idle for more than 2 months other heavy-duty machine tools.

Wish you all a very safe fight against COVID 19.

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